For joining in spreading the message on the need for practical climate change solutions last March 28, 2015, the City Government of Dipolog was recently awarded a Certificate of Appreciation from the World Wide Fund (WWF) for Nature-Philippines.
It may be recalled that the City Government of Dipolog, since Earth Hour was adopted in 2013, has been a support-partner with WWF in spreading its message of championing renewable energy, energy efficiency and climate change adaptation, soliciting participation from the community and increasing supporters each year. For this year 2015, an estimated 500 participants coming from all walks of life joined in the walk, run & ride for Mother Earth highlighted by the use of blinkers to make the activity colorful. Furthermore local residents and business establishments also turned off their electric lights for an hour as support to the said activity, while the city government switched off street lights and lights of public buildings.
According to Atty. Angela Consuelo S. Ibay, National Director of Earth Hour Philippines and Head of the WWF-Philippines Climate Change and Energy Programme in her letter of appreciation sent to Mayor Evelyn T. Uy last April 14, she expressed her deepest appreciation to the Mayor and the Dipolognons for their cooperation by engaging a mass audience behind the issues facing climate change. Atty. Ibay further made emphasis that as Dipolognons made a statement of unity through their participation, it also gave a message that here in Dipolog City, local residents can make a difference. Ibay in her letter wrote that Earth Hour has once again given us the opportunity to inspire one another and show the power of collective efforts to promote a healthier planet. The movement inspires a mixture of collective and individual action, so anyone can do their part, she concluded.
With this development, Mayor Evelyn Uy thanked all of the participants for taking active involvement in the walk-run & ride activity of Earth Hour and all those who supported by switching off their lights for one hour, making another Earth Hour a success. (CIO-prr)

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