Option A River Trekking
The trekking at Sitio Pamansalan, walk and walk leisurely upstream towards Sungkilaw Falls. Along the way, guest can try and taste the salty water spring, swim in 3 to 4 different nature pools, and see the eerie but attractive deep cliff formation of sandstone.

Option B
Cogon Adventure Walk. A 4-hour challenge walk crisscrossing the entire interior of the natural and plantation forest, traversing creeks, and hills; and experiencing mountain gourmet. Grade: moderate.

Day 2
Guest will process to Cogon Eco-Park and take a glimpse of Subanen tribal life and culture. Guest can participate in delicacy making and taste the Subanen natine wine called “Pangasi”. At the camping area, guest will then prepare their tent for the night camp. Have dinner over campfire and be entertained with Subanen cultural dance.

-Land transfer
-Mountain guides
-Meals and snacks

Tourism hotlines:(065) 212-2485 / 212-2495