Corazon C. Aquino Hospital

Cost of Project: Php 50 M
Source of Funds: DOH
-Site development to include embankment, drainage system, road network, etc.
-Purchase of furniture & appliances.
-Acquisition of Laboratory equipment.


Dipolog City Sports Complex
Barangay Olingan, Dipolog City

Cost of Project: Php. 203.00 Million
Source of Funds: LBP and Local Funds
-Construction of different sports facilities, like Olympic size swimming pool, soccer football field, volleyball courts, tennis courts, basketball courts, archery field, embankment/land development, etc.


Const/Rehab of Communal Irrigation System
Dipolog City

Cost of Project: 53 M
Source of Funds: DAR
-Construction of concrete lining along existing earth canal and other facilities.

Construction of Irrigation Dam and irrigation canal
Cayasan, Baragay Diwan, Dipolog City

Source of Funds: Congressional allocation

Cost of Project: 13 M
-Construction of Dam
Cost of Project: 73 M
-Construction of irrigation canal


Construction/improvement of access road leading to declared Tourist Destination.
Source of Funds: DOT
-Construction/improvement of Roads (Portland Concrete Cement Pavement) PCCP..
-Cut & Fill, Item 200-Base Coarse, Item 201-Sub-Base, etc.


Linabo Peak
Cost of Project: 40 M


Cogon to OISCA Forest Park
Cost of Project: 40 M

Dipolog City Memorial Park
Source of Funds: Local Funds
Cost of Project: 5M
-Construction of Perimeter Niche